Case Studies

Read how Anvil has helped clients generate measurable results.


Anvil’s Integrated Efforts Result in +533% Conversions Attributed to Paid Media and +202% Total Users Attributed to Organic Search

Inspire Fitness

Anvil Media increased brand awareness for Inspire Fitness with our paid media efforts.

Icon Time Case Study #2

Anvil optimized Icon Time’s Amazon ads with higher performing keywords to increase campaign reach and ad relevance.


Anvil optimized and refreshed ad copy keywords related to business terms, while also targeting Google searchers looking for employment resources during the COVID-19 recession.


Anvil ensured Dormify organically ranked as the #1 site in the world for the search term “Room Decor” on Google.

Icon Time

During the month of May 2020, Anvil optimized Icon Time’s ad campaigns via Amazon to decrease the ACOS (advertising cost of sale) rate and increase revenue.


Anvil optimized and refreshed ad copy keywords related to desired business leads, as well as adjusted geotargeting based on past performance displaying highest-converting cities in Oregon and Vancouver, WA.

Inspire Fitness Case Study

Anvil assisted Inspire Fitness with increasing conversions, growing revenue, and raising click-through rate month-over-month by improving keyword relevancy and optimization through Google Paid Search ads.


For this particular industry, the benchmark for success in organic search conversions at its highest rate is 15% MoM; Anvil accepted the challenge to go beyond that.


Anvil helped expand visibility for priority keywords, grow awareness, and improve organic performance of the Straightaway website and the app store listings.


Anvil performed a full keyword and campaign audit to restructure the campaigns and increased conversions by 800% for Veritas in 2020.

Inspire Fitness

Anvil increased app subscriptions by 64% for Inspire Fitness through SEO efforts in only 3 months.


Anvil helped a telecommunications company increase conversions, particularly in the B2B sphere, as we shifted from a largely B2C campaign strategy.


The Anvil Team helped Coastal expand its online presence and eCommerce sales by improving the website’s organic search performance by year end 2020.


Anvil Media’s SEO efforts significantly increase traffic and conversions from a year-over-year comparison

ISG Paid Media

Anvil’s Paid Media Efforts Increase Paid Conversions by 533%

Inspire Fitness

Anvil helped Inspire Fitness Earn an 11.77 to 1 Return on Ad Spend—1,699% Higher than the Preset Benchmark CTR on the Promoted Video 285% Above Pinterest’s Average.


Anvil’s goal with Veritas Business Law was to increase conversions, measured by calls and contact form fills leading to new clients. Several impactful optimizations made to the paid search campaigns resulted in a 115% increase in overall conversions.

MusicPortland Bridge

Despite the surge of Omicron crushing momentum and budget, Anvil generated outstanding results for MusicPortland Bridge.

Opus Interactive

Anvil Media helped to substantially improve the Organic performance of the Opus Interactive website, growing impressions by 327%.

Inspire Fitness

In 2021, Anvil’s SEO team generated outstanding Year over Year results for Inspire Fitness.

Stahancyk, Kent & Hook

Anvil increases impressions relating to FAQ rich results by 836%.

Opus Interactive

Anvil Media helped Opus Interactive reach the first page in organic search results for a desired search term.

Inspire Fitness

Anvil helped Inspire Fitness increase on-site conversions by 700%.

Information Services Group

Anvil Media surpassed two key benchmarking goals for Information Services Group (ISG) to reach 30K organic search clicks and 50 conversion actions on-site.

Enjoy Life Foods

Anvil used a combined effort of Paid and Organic Media strategies to improve overall traffic quality and increased revenue.

Icon Time Case Study

Anvil used a combined effort of Paid and Organic Media strategies to increase Amazon impressions, ACoS and orders.

Stumptown Mattress

Anvil scaled campaigns to a higher spend level and optimized shopping campaigns resulting in a highly increased return.

Health & Safety Institute

Anvil significantly increased HSI’s revenue and return on ad spend through paid media efforts.

ESS, Inc.

Anvil increased ESS Inc.’s brand awareness, conversion rates, and search impression shares while decreasing its cost per conversion.


Anvil significantly surpassed GoodBelly’s impression, click, and new visitor goals with a new product launch supported by Paid Search.


Anvil increased dormify’s return on ad spend, conversion rate, and AdWords revenue through optimized Google Shopping campaigns.

Financial Consulting

Learn how Anvil Media improved a financial consulting company’s paid media by increasing its click through rate and decreasing its ad spend

Oregon State University Ecampus

Anvil increased Oregon State University Ecampus’ applications and decreased its cost per acquisition.

NW Natural

Anvil Increased NW Natural’s click through rate and decreased its cost per conversion and ad spend.


Anvil increased Jani-King’s organic traffic, conversions, and average session duration year over year.


Anvil decreased ellie’s cost per Facebook conversion and negative comments with new Facebook ad format

East West College of the Healing Arts

Anvil Increased East West College’s Organic Traffic and Conversion Rate


Anvil increased IdentoGO’s Conversion Rates and decreased CPA.

IdentoGO – Paid Social

Anvil increased IdentoGO’s Conversions and decreased CPA through Paid Social Media

Anvil Client

Anvil increased this software company’s conversions and CPA

ESS, Inc.

Anvil increased Ess, Inc. organic traffic and conversions through site improvements and keyword optimizations.

Enjoy Life Foods

Anvil increased Enjoy Life’s presence from an organic and paid perspective.


Anvil increased Dormify’s return on ad spend and conversions while decreasing its cost per conversion.

Oregon State University

Social paid media campaigns drive undergraduate application submissions for OSU Admissions.


Phenomenal Return On Ad Spend: Online Retail

IdentoGO TSA Pre-Check

Paid Media efforts help IdentoGO’s web enrollment soar.


Paid Media Team Increased Leads At A Lower Ad Spend

Martin Hospitality

Social media content drives awareness and engagement for Martin Hospitality.

MOZO Shoes Social Media

Social and Experiential campaign efforts yield huge gains in engagement

Grand America Revenue Increase

Anvil helped exceed revenue goals by over 40%.

Old Trapper Social Paid Media

Social paid media campaigns drive channel growth and engagement for Old Trapper.

CUI B2B Paid Search

Paid Search campaigns drive direct leads for CUI with big results.

Oregon State University

Solid strategy increased social media presence

Provenance Hotels

Driving bookings in a down economy via search engine marketing

Dr. Martens

Creating a bigger footprint with an aggressive paid search campaign

Moonstruck Chocolate

Increased return on ad spend during the vital holiday season

Concordia University

Conversion optimization boosts conversion rate by 600%.

Travel Portland Site Redesign

Travel Portland improves online visibility

Adventist Health

Revamped paid search campaigns increase conversions.


Proactive ongoing PPC management increases return on ad spend

Pacific Rim

Winemakers grown brand awareness and increase revenue via Facebook


TEKsystems launches new site with successful social campaign