The Week in Search & Social for Aug. 31

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PPC Relevancy and Quality Policy Update for Ads Targeting the US and Canada – Going into effect today, new adCenter guidelines could have a significant effect on PPC landing pages, particularly ... » Continue

The Week in Search & Social for Aug. 25

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Another double-dose of search engine & social media news, as we had a number of folks out of the office last, with the biggest news probably being (1) changes to ... » Continue

The Week in Search & Social for August 10…and oops, August 3

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Yours truly was sooooo busy working on your campaigns last week that he forgot to blog about our Big Picture meeting last week, so this week enjoy a double dose ... » Continue

The Week in Search & Social for July 14

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Everybody here is still buzzing (a subtle joke for those of you with memories back to 2010) about Google+.   If it gains enough momentum, there’s no question that + ... » Continue

The Week in Search & Social for June 30

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The big news this week was, of course, Google+.  And no, we don’t have any invites to kick down…just like you, we’re like Deadheads outside a show with our fingers ... » Continue

The Week in Search & Social for June 22

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We had a lot of people out of the office last week, hence no Big Picture meeting, so this week you can enjoy a double-dose of search & social news ... » Continue

The Week in Search & Social for June 8

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While the rest of the online world was fixated on what may/may not have been a certain congressman’s member (oh wait, yes, it was indeed!), we here at Anvil did ... » Continue

The Week in Search & Social for June 1

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The big news this week was undoubtedly Google Wallet, as NFC (near-field communications) technology has big implications for local, mobile and B2C.  However, philandering professional athletes and politicians everywhere will ... » Continue

The Big Picture for May 25

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JC Penney got out of the dog house, Batman launches a crazy Twitter campaign, and  59% of men at least think they have some decision making power.  What do we ... » Continue

The Big Picture for May 18, 2011

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Here it is, you weekly grand tour of Search & Social, courtesy of the fine folks of Anvil Media & Formic Media! PPC Think Insights with Google – A new market ... » Continue