The Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

by on December 7, 2021 · Digital MarketingWebsite Analytics

Last year, Google introduced a new, updated version of Google Analytics called Google Analytics 4, or GA4. According to Google, “The new Google Analytics will give you the essential insights ... » Continue

Top Digital KPIs and Metrics Every Marketer Should Know

by on December 2, 2021 · Digital MarketingSearch Engine MarketingWebsite Analytics

Let’s get technical! But not too crazy. Every digital campaign varies with potential needs versus objectives and purpose, and along with that comes certain metrics that help create a plan ... » Continue

3 Must-Know Things to Do With Google Tag Manager

by on September 1, 2021 · Search Engine MarketingTool ReviewWebsite Analytics

Are you looking for a quick and simple way to add code to your website without having to rely on a web developer? Look no further – Google Tag Manager ... » Continue

Essential SEO Metrics that Matter Most (Plus Bonus Tips)

by on May 26, 2021 · Search Engine OptimizationSEOWebsite Analytics

SEO is an ongoing and long-term effort and, when done correctly, produces incredible and sustainable results. Monitoring, tracking, and analyzing performance are required to not only understand progress and successes ... » Continue

5 Key Takeaways from Digital Summit 2021

by on April 14, 2021 · Digital MarketingSearch Engine MarketingSEOWebsite Analytics

Digital Summit is a conference that brings the community together with expert speakers who are prominent within the digital space, including Anvil Founder & President Kent Lewis. Presentations range from ... » Continue

Measurable Marketing (Part 2 of 3): Creating Goals in Google Analytics and Tag Manager

by on January 13, 2019 · Digital MarketingEfficiencyWebsite Analytics

While the last entry in this series focused on Google Analytics to track onsite behavior, this article will talk about setting up goals and using Google Tag Manager to further ... » Continue

Measurable Marketing (Part 1 of 3): Why Every Business Should Know How to Use Google Analytics

by on December 13, 2018 · Digital MarketingEfficiencyWebsite Analytics

Anyone can set up an ad campaign that eats through a budget and gets clicked on too many times. But a lot goes in to making sure that there is ... » Continue

The Dark Art of Dark Social Marketing

by on October 19, 2018 · analyticsSocial Media MarketingWebsite Analytics

Engagement through social channels has grown beyond upvotes, likes, and retweets. More activity on social platforms now happens outside of public view. Twitter DMs, Snapchat private stories, and other messaging ... » Continue

Accurately Measure Your Digital Marketing Efforts with Analytics

by on April 12, 2017 · analyticsgoogleWebsite Analytics

Analytics provide direct insight into how your website is performing, how your customers are finding your website, and how customers are learning about your business and products or services. The ... » Continue

Anvil’s 2013 Search Engine & Social Media Marketing Predictions

by on January 16, 2013 · FacebookMobileSearch Engine MarketingSEOSocial Media MarketingWebsite Analytics

As the years fly by the search marketing industry continues to evolve and grow at a rapid pace. While it can be a challenge to keep up with everything, the ... » Continue