Why Podcasters should be looking to TikTok to reach new users

by on April 20, 2022 · podcasttiktok

TikTok for the past few years has not only been one of the fastest growing social media platforms, reaching 1.2 billion active monthly users in Q4 of 2021, but also ... » Continue

TikTok – It Won’t Stop

by on October 7, 2021 · Social MediaSocial Media Marketingtiktok

5 Reasons to Add TikTok to Your Digital Marketing Mix When I first heard of TikTok I didn’t think about a watch or Big Ben or the opening of 60 Minutes. ... » Continue

Consider TikTok for Business

by on June 16, 2021 · Digital MarketingSocial Media Marketingtiktok

What is TikTok? If you’re not yet familiar and haven’t spent hours endlessly consuming content discovery on the #FYP feed (“For You Page”), it is a social media app focused ... » Continue