Anvil’s Webinar Series

Every other month (or so), the Anvil team offers the community a live webinar on digital marketing topics during the lunch hour. The subject matter is chosen based on feedback received from attendees of previous presentations and we aim to keep the material timely and relevant. The information for our next webinar follows and the presentations from past seminars below. We hope you can join us.

Upcoming Webinar Topics (by Month) for 2019:

  • August – Email Marketing: Increasing revenue via the last mile of email communications
  • September – Voice Search: Owning the best answer via organic and paid opportunities + skills
  • October – Conversion Rate Optimization: Increasing revenue via A/B testing and improving the user experience
  • November – Organic Search: Focusing on audio (podcasting), video (YouTube) & image (Google) optimization
  • December – Social Media: Platform review – updates on organic content optimization and advertising options
  • Mobile Marketing: Revisiting your mobile strategy, including localized targeting and app store optimization (TBD)
  • Local Search: Maximizing visibility via organic, paid and social media optimization (TBD)

July 2019: Curating Your Brand and Driving Revenue via Online Reviews

The workshop will guide you through the process of how to monitor and manage online reviews and reputation, utilizing a number of different tactics and tools.  In our next webinar, Kent Lewis, President, will help you better understand many of the current challenges that you and your business faces when it comes to your online reputation, and how to turn these challenges into opportunities.

June 2019: Content Marketing: Developing an effective content strategy for 2020 and beyond

Content is always evolving but is your brand keeping pace? In our next webinar, our Vice President, Mike Terry, will discuss the trends and evolution of content marketing to help you develop an effective content strategy for 2020 and beyond.

May 2019: Paid Media: Digital Ad Trends – Programmatic/OTT/RTB

Because the digital landscape is constantly changing, Anvil’s team always tries to keep a pulse on the latest and greatest in digital trends to ensure we’re bringing innovative strategies and solutions to our clients. In our next webinar, our Paid Specialist, Kari Schroeder, and team will discuss what is new in digital media including OTT, Real-Time Bidding, Programmatic and other advancements in digital. Of these topics, we will be doing a deep dive into what “Over the top” (OTT) means and examples of how streaming platforms can be leveraged as well as outlining the differences between Programmatic and Real-Time Bidding (RTB). Through our discussion, we hope to inspire you to test some new tactics and get creative with your media plans.

April 2019: Creating an Effective Presence on Amazon: Marketing Best Practices

Join us as Anvil’s President, Kent Lewis, walks through detailed optimization and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) best practices. From this presentation, you will be able to understand the Amazon marketing strategy and increase visibility and sales via Amazon.

March 2019: Marketing Strategies: Making Your Marketing Recession-Proof in 2019

Join us as Anvil’s Vice President, Mike Terry, outlines effective techniques for marketers interested in maintaining, if not increasing, budgets during a recession and improving performance during a downturn.

January 2019: Anvil Sees the Future! 2019 Digital Predictions Panel Discussion

Listen in as Anvil Media’s very own experts discuss their predictions for what will be the up and coming trends in media for 2019. We’ll discuss & debate the likelihood of our predictions while providing general thoughts on each topic.

October 2018 Webinar: How to Ramp Up Your Sales Pipeline in One Week or Less

Join Anvil Media’s CEO, Kent Lewis, for five key strategies that will dramatically increase lead volume and quality.

August 2018 Webinar: The Ship is Sinking: Saving your Conversion Rate with Organic SEO

Anvil Media’s Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Mike Grill, who will be covering everything from fundamental site structure to keyword optimization to content flow and funnel alignment and how this all plays into optimizing your ecommerce site’s conversion rate.

July 2018 Webinar: Decentralizing a Centralized World: An Introduction to Blockchain Marketing

Anvil Media’s Paid Media Coordinator, Andrew Jones, provides a crash course in blockchain and its potential effects on the way people view and approach marketing.

June 2018 Webinar: Digital Strategy Done Right: Defining and Implementing Strategic Planning and Thinking for Marketers, Agencies, and Business Owners

Anvil Media’s Director of Insight, Stephen Hammill, explores the role of digital strategy in defining goals and marketing tactics matched to the right technologies.

May 2018 Webinar: Gain Local Online Visibility in 2018 and Beyond

Anvil Media’s Search Engine Specialist, Nic Jolin, provides insights into gaining local visibility in the search engine results pages.

April 2018 Webinar: Building Campaigns from the Ground Up

Anvil Media’s Paid Media Strategist, Brett Myers, guides you through the process of building a sturdy, successful marketing campaign from the foundation up.

March 2018 Webinar: How to Build an Audio Brand via Podcasting – Your Game Plan

Anvil Media’s Social Media Specialist, Terran Benedict, shares best practices for creating your brand’s podcast, or sponsoring another branded podcast, to uncover new hyper-active consumer audiences.

February 2018 Webinar: Optimizing Your Website for Voice Search & Position 0

Anvil Media’s President and Founder, Kent Lewis, shares the importance of and tips for optimizing your website for voice search and position 0.

January 2018 Webinar: Using Data Insights to Better Know (and Message) Customers

Anvil’s Director of Insight, Stephen Hammill, explores trends around marketing solutions that use data to go “beyond the channel”, including platforms, software, and quick-and-dirty tips  we can use to capture insights and display them in innovative and invigorating ways.


Past Presentations

Seattle Interactive Conference with Kent Lewis:
Search Marketing: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same