Google Releases New Options for Bid Management

by on April 19, 2007 · Internet Marketing Tools

Called “Preferred Cost”, Google is now allowing advertisers a third method for managing their campaign performance. In addition to their “Max CPC” and “Bid Optimizer” options, Google’s ... » Continue

Blog Juice Calculator

by on October 12, 2006 · Internet Marketing Tools

A new tool was developed to determine your blog “juice”. The Blog Juice Calculator ranks your blog from 1-10, with 10 being the best. The scores are based on RSS ... » Continue

Specialized Reporting and Analysis Tools

by on June 1, 2006 · Internet Marketing ToolsWebsite Analytics

There are a variety of other reporting and analysis tools we might use on site data to better understand online business performance and customer behavior. Fair to say, Web analytic ... » Continue

Google Ads Tool To Track Global Keyword Trends

by on March 31, 2006 · Internet Marketing Tools

Included in the recent update of the AdWords Keyword Tool is an option to view keywords alongside a 12 month trend of their respective search volume. Beneficial for planning ... » Continue

Google Toolbar 3 beta released

by on February 21, 2005 · Internet Marketing Tools

Google released the latest version of its Google Toolbar, Toolbar 3 beta, for Internet Explorer on Wednesday. The toolbar has added three main functions that make it a more powerful ... » Continue