See How Anvil Can Help Your V-Twin Business



Anvil Founder and President Kent Lewis has been a leading contributor and keynote speaker at V Twin Expo since 2013. His workshops and seminars have helped hundreds of dealers and manufacturers in the V-Twin space improve their digital marketing, drive web traffic and increase sales. Don’t just take our word for it, our clients greatly benefited from their relationship with Anvil and have shared their experiences below. Contact us if you have questions about how we can help move your business forward or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on future seminars and learning opportunities from Anvil.

Anvil has developed a unique service offering for V-Twin Expo attendees at a special price of $1,500 through the end of March 2016. Details below:

The Anvil Marketing Index Snapshot™ measures and scores 25 different critical marketing success factors which identify growth opportunities for brand awareness, engagement, and revenue to create a planning tool for measurable marketing initiatives that move your business forward. These areas are analyzed by Anvil strategists from each field, and the data points are assessed both in relation to the historical performance of your company against industry benchmarks. Each of the 25 data points is an independent evaluation of an individual attribute of your brand’s marketing mix and includes prioritized next steps across five critical success areas identified below. The resulting document will include at least 20 actionable recommendations, prioritized by impact, difficulty and timing.

  • Brand Impact: Position within the competitive landscape of the industry, brand footprint, brand alignment, ROI, and growth.
  • Website Performance: Share of traffic, audience activities and demographics, site content and conversion growth.
  • Search: Organic and local search traffic and growth, site optimization, search authority and online reputation.
  • Paid Media: Includes paid search, paid social, display and remarketing activity.
  • Social Media: Includes analysis of channel mix, social content, influencer marketing and performance growth.

If you are interested in learning more about the AMI Snapshot™ please contact us before the end of the month and save $300. Read the V-Twin client testimonials below to learn how Anvil can help grow your business.

“We’ve been using Anvil for the past 12 months and since day one we have been thoroughly impressed with the service and direction they have provided for our company. Each person on the Anvil team is such a pleasure to work with. As we all know SEO optimization can be very complex and overwhelming at times to understand, however the Anvil team takes the time to follow and implement. Anvil continues to impress us with their creative and innovative thinking as it applies to helping us achieve our marketing goals. Anvil is the best.”

~ RC Components Inc.


“Working with Anvil on SEO and overall branding was enjoyable; the team was patient with me and helped educate me. Anvil was able to increase brand awareness, resulting in more traffic to our website. Our mid-year traffic increased 17% year-over-year and our off-season sales saw a 25% increase. I highly recommend Anvil to help build your business online.”

~ CV Performance