3 Ways To Utilize 2nd Tier Keywords Without Ruining Your Site Hierarchy

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I have found that one of the most frustrating things as an Internet marketer is to work on a website knowing that there are limitations to what can actually be ... » Continue

Web Design Key for Online Shoppers

by on February 2, 2006 · Website Design

A report released from Questus revealed that the items critical to making a decision to purchase goods on a Web site are site navigation (37%); the checkout process (32%); and ... » Continue

Lessons Learned from Eye Tracking Studies

by on March 21, 2005 · Website Design

Eyetools, the company that performed the eye tracking experiments for the Google study, offers some interesting additional research that can help you better understand how to design your own web ... » Continue

Site Design Tip: Changes that kill

by on July 15, 2004 · Website Design

From WebMechanic Some Web site changes are great for promotion – in the long term. But those same changes may also have an immediate negative effect on promotion. WebMachanic listed a few: +Domain ... » Continue

Design your search marketing fate

by on July 15, 2004 · Website Design

From MediaPost WHAT’S THE MOST OVERLOOKED SECRET to running an effective search engine marketing campaign? Web design. The more effective your website is in converting visitors to buyers (or leads, or members, or ... » Continue