Content Marketing Services

Anvil views content as the driving force behind successful digital marketing. Although not unique in this view, we have developed a model by which content marketing efforts are fully integrated and amplified with our core services.

A robust and successful Content Marketing Strategy uses a multi-channel approach for distribution and utilizes Organic Search, Paid Media and Social Media to amplify quality content. This in turn leads to:
— Increased brand awareness
— Deeper engagement
— Increased conversions
— Higher brand loyalty

Anvil offers services to help you define and implement content marketing within your organization. Whether you are a B2C or B2B business, we work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that is unique to your business.
Content Marketing Audit & Plan (CMAP)
The Content Marketing Audit & Plan is intended to identify opportunities for improvement, integration and amplification of the content marketing efforts employed by your company.

Typically, our CMAP includes:

— An audit of your existing content marketing efforts across all digital channels
— Recommendations and plan for the improvement of content creation, processes, and procedures, channel usage, measurement and technology platforms
— A strategy and plan for integration of content marketing with other digital efforts such as paid media, social media and organic search
— A plan for testing and measurement of overall content effectiveness

digital marketingProgram Launch & Management
Once the plan is agreed upon, Anvil will work with you to implement it across your organization and digital landscape. Whether you need ongoing consulting or hands-on management of distribution channels, we’ve got you covered. We also offer training and content creation services should you need help getting your program off the ground.

Contact us if you have questions about Content Marketing or want to see how Anvil can drive results for you.