Client Testimonials

Along with providing ROI-specific search engine marketing services, Anvil prides itself on top-notch customer service. If a client can’t provide us an enthusiastic recommendation, we’ve done something wrong. The testimonials below demonstrate that we’re able to keep our clients happy and deliver results. Why not join the list of satisfied customers?

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“Working with Anvil Media has been awesome. We desperately needed to update and restructure our Google Analytics installation for better tracking and reporting. We approached multiple agencies and Anvil was the only one to actually dive into our specific issues–rather than simply handing us a boiler-plate proposal.  Kim was a great resource for our exhaustive questions and concerns. I highly recommend Anvil for any of your digital marketing needs.”
CD Baby

“We have been with Anvil now for almost five years and have enjoyed the partnership we have with them for our PPC needs. They have always been extremely easy to work with and have always provided a very quick, professional and personal response to all of our internet marketing needs.”
– Cupid Intimates

“I hired Anvil Media to conduct an SEO audit and make recommendations for a client of mine. This client had hired me to reinvigorate their entire brand and the website would be a key part of that. Unfortunately, the client had just revised their website into a Word Press site. They didn’t want to revise it again, but I suspected the SEO performance was down because of it. Anvil helped me break the news to them carefully and show them with real numbers and results that the change over to Word Press did effect their SEO performance dramatically and helped point us in the right strategic direction. The Anvil team was absolutely stellar and diplomatic when running the client through the results. The client was stunned and needed a kind, knowledgable hand to explain the situation to them, which Anvil did exceptionally well. Anvil made very specific short term recommendations, to avoid a wholesale site redesign, and long term recommendations should my client decide to revamp the website again. I would definitely hire Anvil for any SEO needs in the future and would recommend them to anyone as a very knowledgable, trusted resource.”

“Everyone I have worked with at Anvil has been attentive, dedicated, approachable and fun! The Anvil team members are masters of search engine marketing, and their hard work and guidance have helped our brand realize a remarkable increase in sales and visibility on the web. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow our e-commerce channel and overall web presence with Anvil.”
– Ellington Handbags

“We initially contracted with Anvil for a 4-month project to perform an SEO analysis and help us develop a strategy to improve. As an indication of their expertise and execution, the 4-month contract became a 21-month engagement. During this period, our traffic increased to our website and our social media platforms generated significantly more engagement. We were very pleased with Anvil’s performance, and during this growth period for the Enjoy Life brand, they proved to be a great partner.”
– Enjoy Life Foods

“Anvil’s Site Marketability Analysis Report told us which of our site features needed to be enhanced, what elements were missing, how to optimize our content and how to improve the overall marketability and search visibility of our site. They then helped us sensibly and economically prioritize our task list in order to start the overhaul. Many of the tasks were over our head, technically, so Anvil plugged us in with Sightworks (web developers) to execute the line items. The three way work relationship couldn’t have operated any smoother. Big props to Anvil (and Sightworks) for getting us rolling in the right direction. As soon as the enhancements were in place, we noticed improved search results overnight.”
 Exit Real World

“We started working with Anvil Media in March as the Research Phase got underway. After the Research Phase, we swiftly moved into the Launch Phase where both our internal team and Anvil began implementing recommendations that came out of the Research Phase. Anvil hit all of their timelines and the documentation that was provided was very thorough, knowledgeable and based on our first month of reporting, has been very effective. We’ve seen a 25% increase in overall revenue, with a 1,300% increase coming from organic revenue. Anvil is excellent at what they do and have a very responsive, bright team that acts immediately to obtain results.”
— gDiapers

“I took Anvil’s advice and fully believe that it was right on. I wish I hadn’t waited 2 years to do something about our site. I took a big pass through our site and changed it considerably, not only for the search engines, but for usability and appearance. Now after making the changes that Anvil recommended, not only has Google started sending me traffic again, but Yahoo traffic has increased as well, doubling the organic traffic to my web-site.”

“Over the last two years, Anvil has helped grow Icebreaker’s paid search campaigns dramatically in terms of both volume and ROI.  So, when the time came for a major site redesign, as well as expansion to several new, international markets, we engaged Anvil from the early planning stages to help us navigate the many SEO concerns.  They provided us with in-depth, up-to-date keyword research, led a discussion of SEO concerns with our web development and ecommerce platform vendors, and then followed up with an SEO training session for our copywriters and content producers.  Their expertise allowed us to refine our site architecture and content with an eye toward SEO best practices and to proceed with confidence that our new site would be positioned to succeed in organic search.”
— Icebreaker

“Working with Anvil has been fantastic and we know that we can trust their expertise. Not only did they seamlessly transition the management of our PPC campaigns, but they continue to show outstanding results from their efforts.”
— Lucy

“Having worked with Anvil Media in a prior position, I knew that I could rely on them to help address SEO issues we were having with the website as well as launch our first ever SEM campaign. Anvil  has delivered. Our web sales are exceeding expectations. However, the most important part of working with any agency is the relationship that you build with the client services team. The team at Anvil delivers in this area as well by being very responsive, meeting deadlines, providing creative and innovative solutions, and spending the time to learn our business.”
Moonstruck Chocolatier

“Like many businesses and industries today, our partners were asking us when we would dive into the world of social media.  Pacific Rim is a thoughtful and creative company – so it was important to us that we do it right and do it differently than any of our competitors.  Kent and his knowledgeable team at Anvil Media were invaluable in helping us to understand the possibilities of social media – the climate, the boundaries and the potential.  It was important to us that the team at Anvil was with us at every step along our social media journey to provide strategic guidance and steer us toward success.  Because of their knowledge of both the fundamentals and the possibilities of social media, we were able to push the boundaries of the media and deliver unprecedented results for our brand.”
Pacific Rim

“I just wanted to let you know that working with our account team has been absolutely superb and they really know the SEO world inside and out.  Not only am I very impressed but so is my boss!  Nice job Anvil.”:
— Phoseon

“Anvil has provided our Internet Marketing team great traction in our Google AdWords and Overture campaigns. Investing some of our online marketing budget to have Anvil manage our campaigns and keywords has proven a wise and prosperous investment from an ROI perspective. We feel we’re getting even more “bang for the buck” for each dollar spent with Google and Overture through our partnership with Anvil.”
— Planar Systems

“As a small, ambitious start-up company, point6 jumped into the world of online sales head first, but without a lot of experience among the team!  Fortunately, for us, Anvil was there to help guide us and offer meaningful advice as we designed and implemented new programs, including a critical redesign of the new website.  By implementing Anvil’s suggested changes to the site, the results were immediate and very effective. Anvil has been a constant source of inspiration and gladly offers a wealth of information to help us optimize our online business strategies.  We have been very impressed with Anvil’s thorough methodology, detailed reporting and the helpful training they provide us along the way.  Presenting technical data in a user-friendly manner is a great accomplishment.  We look forward to increasing our relationship with Anvil as point6 as we grow the business over the next several years.”

“We needed a partner to help us train our international store locations on search engine marketing and optimization and we found the perfect partner in Anvil! They utilized their many years of training experience to explain the importance of search engine rankings and how to increase rankings in the search engines. Not only did they show our markets how to start improving their local search results, but they delivered this information in a clear, engaging and easy-to-understand presentation.  Today, our group has a better understanding on how to reach our customers when they are on their desktops or phones.”
T.G.I. Friday’s




“I consider Anvil to be an integral part of our Digital Marketing team, offering their insight, analytics, and advice regarding not just our PPC strategy, but on a wide ranging variety of questions and concerns that we have had, helping us to become more sophisticated in our approach, and responsive to the changing competitive landscape.”

“Anvil Media has been a wonderful partner for helping leverage social media tools to grow its business. They helped optimize our communications and format our messaging to get the most bang for our buck from sites like Facebook and Twitter. They were also very pro-active about finding ways to leverage our marketing strategies like banner campaigns, Webinars, blogs and news coverage and promote those even more in new media. Our combined PR and marketing campaigns have really benefited from the extra push we got from Anvil’s expertise. They are smart, supportive and extremely customer focused. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our experience with them.”
— Animation Mentor

“Anvil has proven to be a great resource for pay per click, organic SEO and other online services. Their insight, counsel and ROI reporting has helped ClickSafety remain competitive and profitable in a tough marketplace. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to boost their online presence.”
– Click Safety

“Anvil has caused us to think differently about our business practices and our approach to effective recruiting strategies in higher education today and tomorrow. They have brought skills, processes and resources to the tables which have been impactful and transformative. Concordia considers Anvil to be a valuable partner as we attempt to share our University with a broad regional audience”
— Concordia

“Anvil Media became our defacto search engine optimization/marketing team when we did not have the internal resources to navigate the ever-changing search landscape. They set up our systems, showed us the ropes, and assisted us with everything from Google Analytics to social media audits. Their experience in a highly technical environment was invaluable in helping us begin to take advantage of digital marketing opportunities and rethink how we can increase our college’s visibility.”
Higher Education Institution

“Anvil’s expertise and council has raised our paid search campaigns to a new level.  Anvil immediately identified opportunities to improve conversion tracking and account structure which had a huge impact on lead volume.  Anvil’s team is cutting edge when it comes SEM knowledge and is continually educating our team on best practices and new techniques.  Anvil has been a great partner and we appreciate all the hard work they’ve put in over the last year.”
— Insight Schools

“Anvil Media’s expertise in the PPC and SEO industry is unparalled. We were very impressed with the thoroughness of their reporting; it made our decision-making easy. Their recommendations were right on point, and their responsiveness to our needs and changes have been a pleasant surprise we’ve not found with other vendors.”
— Oregon State University

“We came to Anvil with a few social media properties built out but we needed help understanding the bigger picture on how each would be used. Anvil built out a strategy using our current profiles, created new profiles and helped us with our content strategy and promotion. We should have come to them to help us from the start! Thanks Anvil!”
Portland State University



“We’ve been in the industry a long time and have worked with many agencies and consultants and I would say that Anvil is one of the best. They really know their stuff! We got expert advice on optimizing our site code and copy which improved our organic rankings.”
PPC Summit



Financial Services

“Anvil has done an outstanding job helping launch Adaptu, a new online financial community, by creating a comprehensive SEO evaluation and intricate SEM campaign promoting our site.  We’ve already surpassed our initial goals.  Even more, Anvil has gone out of their way to prove they are our partner in other ways as well.”

“Anvil was brought on to help increase the visibility of our Web site through both organic listings and PPC. Anvil has been extremely receptive to our needs and has delivered on our PPC campaigns, as we are seeing a huge increase in leads. We appreciate Anvil’s hard work and look forward to a long relationship.”

“The folks at Anvil really know their stuff.  They have helped me through every step of transforming my business into a successful online marketing machine.  It is amazing the opportunity to drive business using digital marketing, and Anvil has helped me to target my market and go after it!”
Maxim Global Wealth Advisors

“The financial services industry, like many industries, has become completely commoditized in most areas. However, and this will always hold true, you can never commoditize service and personal relationships. Above anything we do for our clients it’s the service we provide and the relationships we build that mean the most, and that’s what we’ve found in Anvil Media. We presented our situation and an idea of where we wanted to go, and they took it from there. They came to us with answers for our questions and solutions for our problems. More than that they made promises about what they were going to do and how long it would take, and they’ve blown every expectation out of the water. I told them from the get-go that I liked what they were presenting to me and that they were on our team, and today I’m definitely confident enough in their services and ability to build great relationships that I’d recommend them to anyone.”
— Ronald J Sloy




“It has been a pleasure to work with Anvil.  They are always very quick to respond, honest and great at following up; which shows they stay on top of things!  Anvil has been a great resource anytime we’ve had an SEM related question or are in need of some guidance, no matter how small the issue.   Even in cases where we’ve run into roadblocks they are always willing to do the investigative work, which takes one more thing off my plate and I’m always very appreciative of!”
Banner Health

“When our company launched our website in Spanish, with the goal of reaching customers in 17 countries throughout Latin America, Anvil’s team of experts did a great job guiding us through the whole process. They helped us understand the intricacies of PPC and worked with us to customize our campaigns to best reach our target audience in that region while conveying our unique message. Their flexibility, clear communication, and excellent monthly reports allow us to focus on following up with our web leads, while they work hard at helping us generate new ones. They constantly provide us with recommendations to optimize our website and PPC campaigns so that we can maximize our results while operating within our limited budget.”
Foundation Fitness

“The Anvil team makes it clear that there is too much to know about, and too many variables associated with, SEO, PPC and social management to tackle it well ourselves.  They tackle it for us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  They simply are a geeked out dream team if you will.”
Journey Gym

“I’ve talked to a lot of search engine “experts” over the years and the team at Anvil is one of the few groups I’ve worked with that can actually show proven results.”
Leading Health Care Provider

“Our experience with Anvil is that you guys not only know your stuff, but are able to present it in an educational and implementable format which was important for us. Your reputation precedes you.”

I thought I knew some things about SEO, but just couldn’t do it all.  After working with Anvil Media for awhile, I realized how little I knew.  More importantly, my eyes have been opened to how in ecommerce, unlike some other kinds of business, spending some money can bring a very quick and measurable return on that investment. Perhaps, even more importantly, I now go home at 5:00!
Treadmill World

“We’ve been a Google AdWords advertiser since 2003, and even though we were proficient in managing our account and seeing some success, we engaged Anvil to consult in further optimizing our campaigns. Their work paid off in the first few weeks, with twice the amount of leads for the same amount of money.”
— Wired.MD

“Resourcing was our challenge. We knew we needed to be more active in Social Media but didn’t have the staff to accomplish it nor the knowledge to create a cohesive plan to achieve this.  Anvil helped us coalesce our social media efforts so that when we were ready to proceed we were equipped to grow traffic and interaction with both our internal and external audiences.”
— Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital




“SEO is critical to our business so working with an experienced partner like Anvil is important. Their analysis and advice has yielded positive results and we would not hesitate to re-engage with them. Plus, they are good people – working with them is easy.”

“As a growing business with limited resources, we appreciate Anvil’s cost-effective, high-value consulting services. Since we first started working with Anvil a few year’s ago, we’ve been able to steadily increase sales conversions and search engine visibility. When it comes to search engine marketing strategy, we can count on Anvil for solid advice.”
— Better World Club

“Anvil was engaged to help evaluate and improve our website’s SEO strategy, as well as expand our PPC marketing efforts. They are doing a great job and we are really happy with the results so far. Beyond the boost we’ve seen in all metrics associated with search engine marketing (both organic and paid), they have also been extremely helpful with ad-hoc inquiries and ongoing efforts beyond the initial analysis and recommendations. They even helped connect us with good sources of traditional PR (interview with Maxwell PR) and helped us find a good hire through pdxMindShare.”
— GolfNow

“Anvil Media has been an integral part of developing our online marketing presence.  We’ve found their subject-matter expertise to be surpassed only by their personalized customer service.  They have worked with us to craft solutions and marketing approaches unique to our business and the results have been impressive.  The weekly interaction with our account manager has been very beneficial to our project.”
— The Grand America Hotel

“The team of professionals at Anvil Media provided tremendous support with our recent transition of Social Media efforts to a property level.  The training Anvil conducted not only met , but exceeded the goals we wanted to accomplish to achieve a smooth transition. Their expertise and strategic planning helped our staff to understand expectations and be able to plan their future efforts accordingly.”
Grand America Hotels & Resorts

“Anvil has brought our level of search engine marketing to where we’ve always wanted to be – we can now track our return on investment and put our marketing dollars into results that deliver.”
— Hotel Lucia/Provenance Hotels

“In the past, our company has spent a lot of time, effort and money to try and improve our properties’ websites on search engines.  Nothing garnered us much success.  In a matter of a few weeks, Anvil Media’s experts did a thorough analysis of our first site and started us on a path to improve our rankings.  It can’t be easy for them to work within our budget and brand restraints, but they do an outstanding job for us.  They come up with creative ideas, stay in frequent communication, and even take the time to teach us some of the basics of what needs to be done so we can apply it to other websites.  These days, it is almost impossible for the average business to try to stay on top of SEO technologies, but because we work with Anvil, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.”
InnSight Hotel Management Group

“The work Anvil has done for Jackson Hole Central Reservations has been very thorough and prompt. The SEO and PPC audit and subsequent changes have had a positive impact on our summer traffic with an increase in PPC and a significant increase in organic search with our targeted keywords. Although we have just started scraping the surface of the social media and online reputation audits, both seem very thorough and progressive in their suggested changes.  In addition, Anvil’s account managers are readily available and informative in answering ALL of our questions.”
Jackson Hole Central Reservations

“Apart from their well-proven expertise, Anvil Media impressed because of their professionalism and can-do, supportive attitude. Their help with a digital marketing assignment will go a long ways to making the museum’s digital marketing more efficient and effective.”
 Portland Art Museum

“We turn to Anvil for industry-leading research, insight, strategy, execution and analysis of our SEO, PPC and local listings but, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how they contribute to our success. The Anvil team that manages our accounts are true stewards of our online presence and marketing. When we challenge them to be responsive to the day-to-day and minute-by-minute fluctuations in the marketplace or ask them to help us navigate the open seas of technological innovation, they unfailingly rise to the occasion. Always available when we have questions, they are integrated into our efforts from concept to completion, function as a natural extension of our team and work tirelessly to ensure we are ahead of every curve.”
Provenance Hotels

“I had the opportunity to participate in the Anvil Media LinkedIn sales training.  I pride myself on being Social Media “saavy”, however, did not realize the great marketing opportunities available to me or my sales staff through LinkedIn.  Anvil delivered the information clearly, & provided a comfortable forum.  We were given the answers and suggestions we needed in relation to our business.  I look forward to the return on the strategies we are working on to build a bigger, more personable customer base through LinkedIn.”
Provenance Hotels

“In the more than five years that Travel Portland has worked with Anvil Media, they’ve become a key partner; one that we depend on for core services that are critical to our online reach and performance. Not only have they consistently proven their leadership in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, Anvil proactively comes to us with creative and insightful ideas for reaching new customers online and deepening engagement with our existing customers. Anvil’s staff have proven to be absolutely expert. From suggesting strategies to executing them to reporting on performance, the level of quality of their work is unparalleled. We rely on them for key business intelligence with our online efforts, and their impact on our online performance is measurable and significant – it is with their help that we consistently outperform our online goals year after year.”
Travel Portland



“We outsourced our SEM management to Anvil over six months ago and have had great results.  Our Account Executive has done an outstanding job communicating with us and maximizing results while staying within our specified budget.  The Anvil team is professional, proactive, and I would highly recommend working with them.”

“As the global leader in electron microscopy and nanotechnology solutions for research and industry, FEI was seeking ways to utilize social media to build brand awareness and engage with an audience beyond simply posting news and press releases to Facebook. We turned to Anvil Media because of their great reputation in association with the Online Marketing Institute. The Anvil team provided great ideas and guidance on how to use social media successfully given our limited internal resources.  Anvil’s assistance will help FEI build our brand and provide a new “listening” channel to engage more thoughtfully with our customers and prospects.  The Anvil team was easy to work with and their expertise and suggestions were greatly appreciated.”

“The Anvil team got right to work pin pointing the necessary changes for increasing traffic to our website. It was a model of efficiency. They laid out a very straight forward and easy to implement strategy. This combined with excellent tech support resulted in a significant increase in traffic. I particularly appreciated the prompt, clearly explained replies to my questions. No time was wasted in helping me get my competitive edge in the custom furniture industry.”
Jason Andrew Designs



Mobile and Wireless

“Anvil is solid… that’s really the best way to put it. ELEVEN has, from the beginning, been extremely budget constrained across the company, and especially in marketing. Even with this major barrier, Anvil pulled through and worked wonders for us. The Anvil team worked within our constraints, put a plan in place, delivered the most compelling strategy possible and successfully executed.”
— ELEVEN Wireless



“Here’s a firm that delivers value every single month because they don’t stop thinking about ways to improve our online advertising programs. Looking at the numbers, it’s clear that Anvil’s relentless attention to bid management, network selection data analysis and the myriad other parts of a successful PPC strategy continues to bring costs down, capture new audiences and build a body of knowledge that informs our overall online strategy.”
— Blue State Digital

“For two years our organization was struggling to gain any kind of web/social media presence. When we approached the staff at Anvil to help us, it was due in great part to the glowing feedback we got from others who had utilized their services. They not only increased our web page presence, but have done a remarkable job in fully utilizing the opportunities of our Google Grant. We couldn’t be more satisfied, with everything the Anvil staff has done for us.”
Cork Forest Conservation Alliance

“Anvil’s incredibly knowledgeable team educated our staff on how to think more strategically about our web site. We were amazed at how many simple (and no cost) things we could be doing to maximize the effectiveness and usefulness of our web site, thus increasing online traffic. Their suggestions, feedback and instruction have been invaluable. We highly recommend Anvil to other businesses and nonprofit organizations looking to build their online presence!”
— Loaves & Fishes Centers, The Meals-on-Wheels People

“Anvil continues to be a valuable partner for Ocean Conservancy as we strengthen our brand, attract new audiences and bring in new donors. Their advice and council on everything from Google Grants, to display advertising and retargeting, to social media is helping bring our brand to another level. In fact, “partner” isn’t a strong enough word for how we view Anvil. Between weekly calls and near-daily emails, we really consider them an integral part of the Ocean Conservancy team. Any non-profit looking to get into, or expand their online marketing efforts should start, and end, their search with Anvil.”
Ocean Conservancy

“Anvil Media provided us with excellent ideas and training on search engine optimization for our economic development Web sites. The Anvil staff is creative, savvy and very easy to work with – I highly recommend their services.”
— Oregon Economic & Community Development Department

“Anvil Media has provided an invaluable gift to our nonprofit operations in the form of expert advice, research, and most importantly, a tactical plan for gaining greater web visibility. Their assistance with SEO and PPC has helped us to go from invisible to first-page rankings on numerous key search terms. They also have coached us to get the most of our analytic tools.”
Mercy Corps Northwest

“After re-branding our organization and simultaneously switching domains, I knew we needed the help of SEM professionals. We turned to Anvil and their thorough research to guide our business through this transitional period. Anvil outlined certain optimization techniques, current web visibility and marketability and provided us with potential opportunities. Anvil even delivered an SEO roadmap prioritizing their recommendations thus making our transition easier.”
— Oregon Entrepreneur’s Network

“As a non-profit organization, we neither had the staff nor the resources to maximize our presence on the web until we met Anvil. By partnering with Anvil, we’re on our way to achieving a website that’s comparable to that of any for profit business. Our mission is to prevent abuse and thanks to Anvil, we are now giving life-saving information to a world wide audience.”
— Raphael House

“Thank you for all of your hard work Anvil! We have never had so many volunteer inquiries and our online donations continue to rise. I have to think that your efforts have had made this possible.”
— Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon & Southwest Washington

“The Shadow Project is fortunate to benefit from Anvil’s time and talent. The Research Phase work Anvil has done is changing the way our organization perceives itself, its relationship to the virtual world and ultimately, the impact on the children we serve. Anvil’s commitment to education in the Research Phase, level of detail, caring and insight regarding web content and outreach has been truly eye-opening. With Anvil’s help the Portland community will come to appreciate and support the amazing kids The Shadow Project is dedicated to helping!”
The Shadow Project



Professional Services

“From the start, Anvil Media provided us the SEO training we needed. Not only did they tell us how to update our site for search engine rankings, but they told us why each step was important. I wish we would have engaged them from the start even before we built our new site.”
— BOORA – Brandon Sprague

“DIBroker’s previous agency relationships often led to poor performance and lengthy excuses.  Anvil Media has gained DIBroker’s trust through their analytic approach to paid search and SEO.  Thanks to Anvil we are back in the game!” 

“From my experience of working with Anvil Media over the past several months, they have demonstrated a very high level of knowledge on all things SEM, as well as incredible professionalism and enthusiasm for the industry. GTS has benefitted from their advanced knowledge of Pay-per-Click campaign management, website optimization and local search. Our contact is very easy to talk to, and answers questions sent via email quickly and concisely. I have very much enjoyed working with Anvil.”
GTS Services

“We’ve been thoroughly impressed with Anvil. They have demonstrated a superb knowledge of the many different facets of search and analytics. They are easy to work with, very dependable, and at this point we consider them part of our core marketing team.”

“Being out of the office is always stressful when you’re running paid search. With Anvil though we don’t have to worry; we know that they will continue to grow and build on the performance of the account month after month, consistently beating our quarterly PPC goals.”

“If you’re serious about growing your business online, you’ll find no better agency than the team at Anvil.  I’m in my second engagement with Anvil and my experience with them both times can be best described as highly effective, results oriented and rich with insight.  They will help determine the right core strategy and work diligently to achieve their stated goals.  I consider Anvil one of my ‘must-haves’ for effective marketing and a big reason our business is gaining momentum.”

“When it came time for Reply! to scale up its SEO efforts, we knew we needed to find the right partner. They needed to be agile, smart and willing to push us in the right directions with our new national content marketing strategy. The team at Anvil proved to be that partner — an organization we could grow alongside for 2013 and beyond.”

“Working with Anvil Media has tremendously reduced the stress associated with the constant changing of SEO and PPC markets.  Their team is professional, hardworking, supportive and prompt with changes and questions that we have.  Partnering with Anvil has been a great decision for us.”
— Roth Heating & Cooling




“Anvil conducted a comprehensive audit of our current online presence and then gave us many valuable recommendations on how to improve upon our presence and deploy better web site tracking. After optimizing our site for search engine rankings, we quickly realized that we needed to get our content creators trained on how to write for search engines. Anvil gave a great workshop to our team and now we are able to do a better job with writing for rankings from the very start!”
Daily Journal of Commerce

“We knew we needed help when we realized that some of our content didn’t show up until page 9 in the results of a Google search. We were puzzled. How could this be? We have a great CMS that’s allegedly built to be SEO-friendly. We started to wonder: What else is hard to find on our site? We turned to Anvil Media and they walked us through ways to optimize our system and workflow to get more Google juice for our content. On top of that, they helped us educate our people on the importance of SEO, giving them great tips on how they could help, and a social media audit and training also proved invaluable. Anvil is thorough, detailed and practical in their approach, and the customer service is top-notch.”
The Columbian

“We were already seeing over 5 million uniques per month on our site, but wanted to know if Anvil could take us further. In just a short amount of time, they understood our business and presented a concise list of suggestions. We’ve implemented the first half of the list and the increase in visibility and site traffic are dramatic. This was the best money spent – ever.”



Real Estate

“We approached Anvil with the goal of having a newly created web site rank in the top three positions of Google Local and in the first page of Google organic rankings.  Following Anvil’s clear, step-by-step advice we were able to achieve these goals in a relatively short period of time with very little knowledge of web design and search engine optimization.  We now drive approximately 50% of our business from our Internet presence in a cost-effective manner.  I would highly recommend Anvil’s services to any company seeking to increase the number of qualified sales leads via the Internet. ”
— Business Property Trust

“Anvil Media provided the direction our website needed with a thorough long-term website strategy that examined our strengths and weaknesses and outlined opportunities for our business. They provided the tactics necessary to execute our strategy including SEO copywriting, usability and social media promotion; helping to take our business to new heights.”
— EnhanceScape




“It was a pleasure working with Anvil Media, Inc. Anvil’s team completed top work for AmberPoint by improving our SEO and PPC campaigns. Anvil’s team demonstrated great competence in all facets of the project and their actions and recommendations have really helped our company’s online visibility. During the two month project, Anvil’s recommendations and guidance helped to increase AmberPoint’s online visibility by 61%. Moving forward will be much easier with the systems Anvil has set in place, and we are sure to see even greater benefits in all areas of search engine marketing.”
— AmberPoint

“I wish we started with working with Anvil since we launched Attensa. Knowledgeable, creative and efficient, Anvil consistently delivers measurable results. Without a doubt Anvils gives Attensa big bang for the buck and they have helped me reach a higher level of marketing bliss.”
— Attensa

“We worked with Anvil Media on optimizing our site structure and keyword strategy. They produced a comprehensive list of actionable insights based on thorough analysis and a strong understanding of the complexities of our site.  We appreciated how technical and specific their recommendations were.  We are now working on implementing these plans and look forward to increasing our visibility and traffic from search engines.”
— BrightTALK

“Anvil has proved itself with results that count: increasing the value of our PPC marketing campaigns by more than three-fold, and increasing our organic search visibility to near the top-ranks of our category. They are experts who take initiative and integrate very well with our team.”
— ColumbiaSoft

“Before working with Anvil, we were very dis-satisfied with the work the previous search agency was doing for us. Their service offering did not match our specific Search Marketing needs, and we were not able to see the value in what they were providing.

After starting work with Anvil, we quickly understand that it is possible for a search agency to truly be a partner. Anvil is able to adapt their service offering to our ever changing business needs, all the while delivering on what they say they are going to deliver on.

In almost two years of working together, Anvil has been a key partner to our business. It’s such a relief to have a trusted partner who brings new ideas to the table and who can also rapidly execute on agreed upon plans.”
— Real Networks

“We came to Anvil with a tight timeframe for our new site launch and asked them to help us build a site from the ground up with SEO best practices. From their initial audit, through keyword selection and page optimization, they worked with both our development and content teams to fine tune the site design. So far we are seeing good results, and have found their expertise to be a great complement to our in house efforts.”
— WebTrends

“Thanks to Anvil and their help with our Analytics installation, we can now track all of our online conversions. Anvil has been a true partner, by listening to our goals and objectives and executing an analytics plan to support and measure our online marketing efforts, we use analytics to make informed online marketing decisions.”



“Anvil somehow turns the daunting, mercurial social media world into something both manageable and measurable. Anna and Devan are smart, friendly and make keeping up with the internet’s latest trends and subtleties look like a breeze. Whether or not you know what you’re doing or you don’t have a clue about social media, they’ll assess your specific needs and come up with a personalized package that works. I highly recommend investing your marketing budget here. These people know what they’re talking about!”
 — The Costa Rica Writer

“You folks are definitely top of my list for referrals for search expertise.  It’s been refreshing to see an agency that knows what they’re talking about and not the classic SEO witch doctors out there.”
Zephyr 47